DBS checks are a substitute for the CRB checks, which are also known as Criminal record checks. These kinds of checks are managed by the government disclosure and the barring service and the major reason for this check is to see whether a volunteer has a criminal record so that he may be allowed to perform certain activities

 Who actually needs a DBS check?

 Now the question is that that needs a DBS check. Nowadays criminal activities are on the rise and it is very important to find people who have a clean background that can be given a clean chit. People who volunteer to work with children and vulnerable must be really honest and safe to work with. Previously CRB checks were carried out how the process is really lengthy and has been recently replaced by the DBS or the Disclosure and barring Service Check. So how do you understand that you need a DBS check so that you can be given a clean Chit? Read this article to know more

What is a DBS CHECK?

The Disclosure and the barring Service check was initiated under the Protection of Freedoms Act in 2012 and carries out an assortment of duties and functions which were previously undertaken by the CRB. Their primary function is to help people and employers in England and Wales make safer recruitment decisions by issuing Criminal record checks so that people with criminal backgrounds will be barred from working with children, vulnerable group, and old age homes and in certain departments. They ask a general question to all people-“Do you have any kind of criminal convictions, reprimands or final warnings?” People usually need a DBS check when they are planning to work with children, old age homes, the vulnerable group, and special people. Other jobs usually do not demand a DBS check if not important. This DBS check will actually decide whether you are suitable enough to work with children or whether it is appropriate for a person to be placed or removed from the barred list in England and Northern Ireland. A DBS certificate is issued to the person after the check has been processed

 Do I need a DBS check?

 If you prefer to work with children, in old age homes, in welfare organizations, and with vulnerable people of the society, you would need to undergo a DBS check. All employees would like to have a look at your DBS certificate considering the growing rate of crime in the society. In case there is something wrong with the DBS check, you can always get in touch with them for further clarifications. In order to have a DBS check done, your potential employer would give you a form to fill up and return to them along with some documents with your identification like passport, current driving license and proof of address proof. A DBS check will give you a clear check on your character and your identity after which you can go ahead and apply for the job.

When are DBS checks done?

DBS checks are done as part of your normal recruitment process for certain kind of roles. In order to be eligible for the check you must be

  • Listed in the rehabilitation of Offender Act 1974
  • Prescribed in the Police Act 1997regulations

To request for DBS checks the volunteer roles you have applied for should be eligible for checking.

Who needs a DBS Check?