Many startups think that they should raise money for their business. Though some businesses have been successful in doing so, it is not necessary to raise money. An unusual way you can raise some money on side is investing but not the traditional methods you’re thinking of but wine investments with Twelve-By-Seventy-Five, great for beginners! However traditional investing It might seem to be a very lucrative option at the beginning, but you will suffer a lot later. Here are the reasons why.

Expensive over the long-run

If you are in the early stage of your business and is not earning much profit yet, then the fund you raise will be your most expensive cash that you will buy. If you are not earning much money yet, then you are at a higher risk and so the venture capitalists will want a bigger stake for their support.

Having a vision

You need to have a vision. Come up with a five year’s vision and see whether you need that money to achieve your goals. If you don’t need it, you shouldn’t take it. If you really need money then there are other options than depending on equity financing. For example, you can go for debt financing.

Generating revenue

Instead of thinking about raising funds, think of raising your revenue. Think of ways to sell your products or services. Increase your pricing and upsell to consumers.

Once you get more money for your business, your expenditure increases disproportionately to your income. But you don’t feel like cutting on the costs, so you borrow more money and the cycle continues. Cash is addictive. Once you start getting it easily, it’s very difficult to stop.

Consider the environment your potential clients are meeting you in. Your office should be clean, professional and inviting. Check out Loc8 commercial for a fantastic selection of offices to rent.

Once you’re business is up and running you’ll soon find more expensive software that you’ll need to run your business effectively. This is why raising money for Cezanne HR might be sensible in the long term.


Do startups need to raise money to be successful in business?