Joan FrazierHi! Welcome to my blog.

I’m a student of Business. When I was in high school, I had no idea about this great world of business. But local stalls always fascinated me. I saw many small stalls grow to become a supermarket within few years.

I used to wonder what skills were needed to make a successful business venture. So, I actually took Business as my subject in university simply out of curiosity.

Now after studying Business for two years, I realize that business is not all fun. It’s serious stuff! There are so many things you have to think about. Starting from planning to selling, the whole process is very complex and you need to make critical decisions at each step.

This blog consists of some interesting articles about business which will help those who are doing business for the first time. You will learn about the different businesses that you can start in college, how you can find a business partner, how to accumulate capital for your business, and many more. You can send me your views about different aspects of business as well. There is an online forum where we can discuss about various business issues. Sharing knowledge is a major purpose of this blog. For more interesting articles on business, keep reading my blog.