Facebook, Napster, Dell and Microsoft were all formed by college students. So, it is possible to start business while you are in college. The major concern that college students have is capital. But there are businesses that need very less capital and doesn’t need office space as well. If you start business in college, then you can build up a good network and also start earning to cover your college tuitions. Here are some businesses that you can easily start in college.

#1 Information technology (IT) consulting


College students have fresh skills and know about new technologies that can help you start an IT consulting business.

If you don’t find the confidence to start the business right away, you can start helping students who have less knowledge on IT.

By doing so, you will soon have the courage to start an IT consulting firm.

#2 Social media consulting


College students know about the latest social media trends.

You can advise companies to use social media strategy in their businesses.

You can help them to market their products or services on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

#3 Event planning


College students usually attend lots of parties. You can put your experience in use by starting an Essex Marquees event planning business.

Event planning requires creativity, attention to detail, organization and ability to handle multiple tasks at a time.

College students are fresh, creative and hard working. You can start by organizing club events or college functions.

#4 Cleaning services


You can have flexible hours in cleaning business and you don’t need an office.

You can purchase the equipment from local grocery store.

You can offer cleaning services for a sorority house after a big game, for example.

Even if the business is started by a student, the business has rewards and risks. You must have insurance protection. College business is a great way to earn money and to find a direction for your career.

4 businesses you can start in college